Am I dancin' with myself?

I mean, I will...

Well, hell. Seems it’s been a little while since I last made a post. I’d say we’re due for one...

I hope everyone is doing well out in the world. As well as they can be doing, you know. It’s Fall time here in The Old North State, so we got that goin’ for us. I don’t know about you, but this is by far my favorite time of the year, and I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else at the moment than right here, kicking piles of dead leaves in the sidewalk.

In my line of work, I tend to meet a lot of new faces and go to a fair amount of new places, and I’ve had to get used to that. It took a while yeah, but I’ve grown to adore it, really. I get bored pretty easily, so new people and new places have been a nice and welcome inconsistent.

We’re in a weird position right now, where a lot of people seem to be divided either by politics, technology, or a simple understanding of the human condition. It’s a bizarre stretch we’re in, and I can only imagine that it will get even more obscure form here.  

Most folks like to complicate things (from what I’ve gathered) – makes life more interesting I suppose. I don’t necessarily get that. I like simple; that’s just me. And to me, it is pretty simple.

Life really is what you make of your current situation… Make the best of it, or, make the worst of it…
It could always be better. As it happens, it could always be worse. Perception - Perspective.  

Sorry if I’m coming across as rude here. But people need to get back to having conversations and not getting offended at every little thing that doesn’t suit their fancy. Acceptance. That’s the message here if there is one. Accept that we’re not all the same. Accept that we never will be. Accept the wrongs. Accept the rights. Be willing to learn from one another. Accept that you won’t always get what you want (I think that The Rolling Stones sang a song about this). Accept that absolutely none of us asked for this and we’re all taking it day by day. And accept that we are all merely human beings.

As much as this is all about you, it isn’t at all. Do you, and do you all the way. ‘Til the end. But just know; it is bigger than you. Never forget that and for goodness sake, take a little time to dance. While you can.    

I personally have had a time getting to this point, but I’ve been here for a good minute now and I’m totally and utterly fine with it, yes. I am fine. Can you believe it?!

- Jared C. Shumate