Twenty Five Years - Moving in Stereo

Press play & read on...

In 21 days, I’ll be turning 25 years old. That’s sort of hard for me to grasp. For two reasons.
Reason #1: It sure as hell doesn’t feel like I’ve been here that long.
Reason #2: I feel so much older than 25…

Yeah it’s a contradiction, I know, but it is what it is. When I say that I feel older, I just feel more mature than most 25 year olds that I see around, I guess. Sometimes I'm pretty certain I belong in the 50's...or the 80's. I'd take either one, really, at the drop of a hat. This feeling probably stems from having a near death experience when I was 17 and some sort of crazy ass vision that opened me up to bigger things (I'll write about this separately in another post). And, of course, I’ve always hung out with people older than me. I seem to click better with them than the younger crowd. Anyway, I’m excited about turning 25. It’s been a hell of a trip getting here. Lots of ups and downs and a lot of personal growth. 

You always hear that high-school will be the best days of your life, but that’s not been the case for me at all. As a matter of fact, I hated high-school. I got out of there as soon as I could. My twenties have been filled with far more experiences and opportunity. I've been lucky enough to work doing what I love to do over the past few years - telling stories - and at this moment in my life, I have more friends and more under my belt as an artist than I ever thought I would’ve had. For the most part, I’m pretty happy too, you know, and content with who I am as a person. I feel as though I've found an identity. I'd consider this one of the bigger ups to date, if not the biggest.

This is my first blog post, ever, and I’m not real savvy to this kind of writing. But, I’m liking it. So, I’ll be curious to see where it goes from here. I’ll be checking back in periodically. But this is all I got right now. In the meantime, Summer is just around the corner. Get out there, raise some hell, make some art, and live it up. That’s what I’ll be doing my best to do until I sit down here again. I'm not entirely sure when that'll be. Sooner than later, I'm betting. 

See you around.

- Jared C. Shuamte